Timothy Zahn – Scoundrels Audiobook

Timothy Zahn – Scoundrels Audiobook (Star Wars Legends)

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Scoundrels Audiobook

This was a good tale with lots of develop. Han Solo is well written, in fact, the whole interactive dynamics of all the characters maintains you thinking about the information of the master break-in that this story is everything about. I was pleasantly amazed by the extremely finishing, as well as the novella after the major tale is additionally well done, the novella is actually a beginning for the major story. I such as basically ALL the old [pre-Disney] novels. They are ALL excellent. Some are far better than others. This is may a notch below what I consider to be ‘the most effective’ of the Star Wars books. The best ones simply can not assist however be the ones which focus on Vader, the Bounty Hunters, Palpatine, and also the Dark Side. Still, all novels which include Han Solo as well as Chewie are similarly right up there in terms of pleasure to review. This was a wonderful story concerning a disadvantage that Han and Tag are drawn into. The Star Wars version of Ocean’s Eleven. Han sets up a skilled staff to steal from a criminal offense lord. Even the Realm wants in. While the smuggler and also con tales are not my favorites, (I’m more of a Jedi and Sith Pressure focus fan), Timothy Zahn composes fantastic stories. Scoundrels Audiobook Free. Liked the twists and turns and surprise at the end. Marc Thompson was great customarily with excellent characterizations as well as narration. I surrendered on Star Wars novels a dozen years earlier, too many characters, way too many writers; it had actually all obtained also irregular for me. But when I saw this was being launched I needed to get it. I have actually always taken pleasure in Zahn’s publications. Set right after A New Hope, Han is provided a work by one of Black Sun’s targets. The individual wants Han to break in to a Black Sunlight industry principal’s house & steal back countless stolen credit histories. Han has actually lost the majority of his Fatality Celebrity compensate money & takes the job. However as he isn’t a burglar he works with some old pals & a few others to assist him carry out the break-in.

This was a terrific plot driven story. It was clearly sci fi without beating you over the head with the modern technology (which gets old) or declining into intricate explanation about just how whatever worked. Zahn treats you as if you are intelligent enough not to need every ‘advanced’ element described to you. The characters were well done; Han, Chewie & Lando acted true to their movie personalities. Absolutely nothing to jar the non-expanded worlds visitor out of their comfort area but some nice detail on Kell & Winter for expanded world followers. As others have stated it’s Celebrity Wars fulfills Oceans 11. It is an enjoyable daring read with lots of twists & transforms plus an exceptional spin right at the end that had me going back to the begin and also rereading the entire book with that expertise in mind. Timothy Zahn books have always been several of my favorites; whether Star Wars or otherwise, though particularly so with his Celebrity Wars collection. What makes his novels stand out is the pacing of his narration, which is ideal. No matter the book, he has the uncanny capacity to attract the picture that is appropriate for a certain scene without leaving it wanting nor overburdening it with technological excess (believe Tom Clancy novels that often have the tendency to be over-technical). He offers just sufficient of a view into his personalities throughout the story to constantly keep you involved in their growth within the tale. Rascals is no exemption.

An additional wonderful thing concerning Timothy Zahn books is that the tales in its entirety maintain their context within the sphere of the major character. In Scoundrels, that is Han Solo, so the tale Timothy Zahn informs is one in which _ nothing _ comes easy; or it might seem reduced and completely dry on the surface, but recognizing Han, virtually usually, there will certainly be a spin. Timothy Zahn – Scoundrels Audio Book Online. That’s what I enjoyed concerning Scoundrels. I constantly recognized that there would certainly be some sort of twist to any kind of sub-plot which kept me transforming pages to discover what that spin could be.

I’m normally not one to offer spoilers so I won’t do that here. Suffice it to claim that this book was yet another in the long line of Timothy Zahn books that enabled me to escape from truth for awhile and also submerse myself in his narration. Terrific work!