Michael Reaves – Darth Maul, Shadow Hunter Audiobook

Michael Reaves – Darth Maul, Shadow Hunter Audiobook (Star Wars – Legends)

Michael Reaves - Darth Maul, Shadow Hunter Audio Book Download
Darth Maul, Shadow Hunter Audiobook

I had actually originally believed that any book focused unique on Darth Maul would certainly just have one superficial activity scene after an additional without any kind of depth. It has lots of activity, yet even better it introduces numerous solid characters.

In fact, the most effective aspect of Darkness Hunter is that by concentrating mostly on brand-new personalities, Michael Reeves can develop a great deal much more thriller. Besides, the number of Star Wars books have you review just to assume, “I recognize he’s not going to die.” Here, while it looks like particular personalities would certainly need to die, it’s unclear. The thriller is cleverly highlighted throughout the extremely last web page. The major personality is Lorn Pavan and also his sidekick android I-5. The duo discover the secret of the Profession Federations alliance with the Sith as well as the blockade of Naboo (basically, the occasions of Episode I). They at some point meet a Jedi, Darsha Assant, who brims with satisfaction at being a part of the order. Darth Maul, Shadow Hunter Audiobook Free. The fascinating individual interactions come when we discover that Pavan dislikes Jedi, Assant lacks self-confidence, and I-5 has a terrific funny bone. It’s wonderful to see the personalities expand, and I just desire we might have more of them.

Even with Darth Maul himself, Reeves is rather coy. Guide does not inform us much about Darth Maul’s past, as well as at first I was let down. Nonetheless, after reading it, I value the fact that Reeves left an air of mystery around the personality. While this book was written before Episode II, any type of Star Wars fan can keep in mind how disappointed they were when we discovered Boba Fett was a little punk duplicate. We occasionally enter Maul’s head, however even after that he’s a trendy, efficient murder maker, without much self-questioning. What we really obtain from Maul is just how his appearances and mood merely terrorize his challengers. On the whole, thank you Michael Reeves for not reducing or demeaning this personality whatsoever.

The only other ‘primary character’ is Obi-Wan (still a Padawan), although he plays a peripheral and also honestly useless duty in the book. My guess is that LucasBooks desired him thrown in, as well as Reeves hesitantly agreed – yet intelligently kept him from participating in the main tale.

I concur with other reviewers in that Reeves’ writing design isn’t the most fluid. I also value that he used a larger vocabulary than a lot of Star Wars novels (even words I didn’t understand).

My only grievance about the story is that the Neimoidian subplot is gone down about a 3rd of the means through. Reeves invests a bargain of time at the beginning of guide with Nute Gunray and buddies, yet we never ever truly revisit them at the end. I mention this only because Reeves depicts the Neimoidians so well I would have suched as to have seen even more of them.

Darth Maul is one of my favourite Star Wars bad guys. Darth Sidious has sent Darth Maul on an objective to recover a Sith Holocron. Darth Maul locates Hath Monchar and also he exposes that he sold the Holocron to Lorn Pavan and also I5YQ.
Eventually they get back to coruscant and also there is a chase through the underlevels and Pavan provides the Holocron to Palpatine.
Darth Sidious sends out Darth Maul to the Orsis Academy on Orsis. Sidious with the aid of Overseer Trezza make Darth Maul rely only on his physical capabilities as well as noy the Force.
Darth Maul: Darkness Seeker was a genuinely amusing Celebrity Wars novel. Reaves gives the viewers a deeper insight right into the shadowy character of Darth Maul as he sets out upon a goal of the utmost importance for his wicked Sith master Lord Sidious. Michael Reaves – Darth Maul, Shadow Hunter Audio Book Online. Reaves likewise introduces us to Lorn Pavan a down-on-his-luck scoundrel of the initial level, I-5 the ironical, as well as nearly sentient ‘android partner and one of my favorite personalities the young jedi trainee Darsha Assant.