Karen Traviss – The Clone Wars Audiobook

Karen Traviss – The Clone Wars Audiobook (Star Wars)

Karen Traviss - The Clone Wars Audio Book Download
The Clone Wars Audiobook

This publication was outstanding! The dispute, the personalities as well as the writing were all extremely well collaborated to develop a seamless result. I’m a follower of Karen Travis’s Star Wars stories and also have actually reviewed or very own almost al of them which entail the clone battles of the duplicate commandos. Every publication is a fantastic mix of humor, precision and action.

This book is a celebrity wars; Duplicate Battles unique. It is the written version of an episode in the Clone Battles computer animated collection. For any person seeking a much deeper take a look at the occasions create the episode, read this! You get an even more clear, inside seek to the characters ideas, both Anakin’s Asoka’s and Rex’s. The parts that interested me the most however, as well as the factor I like Karen Travis’s books to start with, is the practical and relatable persona she gives the clones. The Clone Wars Audiobook Free. In the computer animated series one does not get to know to much regarding them.You only meet a few of the commands as characters, like Cody as well as Rex. In this book you get a deeper look at not only Rex, however his males. Likewise the bond between soldiers as well as how much Captain Rex cares for his males and also some of the inner dilemmas he experiences, that we’re not shown in the animated series.

I very advise this publication! For me, every penny spent on it deserved it. I’ll certainly be reading this book over and over again for a very long time ahead. And my friends will be hearing a great deal concerning it, at least, those of them that have actually not already found out about it! I liked this one; lots of action and exhilaration, a vote into Anakin’s thinking prior to he turns, we met Ahsoka Tano for the first time, Obi Wan still talking rubbish regarding a certain point of view. I typically have asked yourself why individuals read the novelizations of movies they currently saw. My experience with the novels for “The Phantom Hazard” and “Strike of the Clones,” though, showed me that much can be gained. Truthfully, if the movie “Attack of the Clones” had been made the method guide was created, it would have been a far better movie. So I set out reviewing “The Clone Battles” with this hope in mind. Having seen the motion picture several times, I wanted to gain something useful out of reading the novelization. I was not let down.

The biggest selling factor for the book, though, comes from its understanding right into each character. Since numerous of the earlier Duplicate Wars books came before the release of Episode III, the authors preferred to treat us like youngsters and also prevent the truth that Sidious as well as Palpatine were one and the exact same. If you want even more of that, read Darth Plagueis.

Finally, while guide maintained the horrible AWFUL label “Skyguy,” it was gracious sufficient to enable Ahsoka to call the galaxy’s # 1 droid by his actual name. That’s right, none of that “Artoo-y” horror program from the movie. Thanks, Karen Traviss! Karen Traviss – The Clone Wars Audio Book Online. Select this one up also – though you understand the story. It’s a fantastic read as well as fills out some of the spaces in the action (not to mention the dialog) from its big-screen equivalent.