Kevin J. Anderson – Tales of the Bounty Hunters Audiobook

Kevin J. Anderson – Tales of the Bounty Hunters Audiobook (Star Wars)

Kevin J. Anderson - Tales of the Bounty Hunters Audio Book Download
Tales of the Bounty Hunters Audiobook

I acquired this book intending to ONLY read Boba Fett’s story, due to the fact that he’s without a doubt my favored bounty hunter and also among my favored SW characters, however due a number of favorable reviews I also reviewed Dengar’s, Zuckuss/4-LOM’s, and unwillingly IG-88’s. Initially I rated this with three stars, given that I only reviewed one story, but I would currently rank this book better to 4.

Last One Standing: The Tale of Boba Fett was a terrific check into Boba throughout his life and also there are some great understandings right into his individuality. The only trouble I had with it was it was too brief! What I can claim regarding Fett is that he is a bit of a hypocrite in relation to his work, or a minimum of has his ideas are a bit backwords. He has no problem eliminating or helping several of one of the most vile bad guys in the galaxy but he courts people on simple vices; such as drinking, as well as will certainly not benefit from a lady if she has no need to be with him, even if she’s a slave sent by his service provider. All Fett has is his job, and throughout much of this tale he is beginning to shed several of his ability as well as interest for that job because of age as well as physical issues from his experience in the Sarlacc. This is not to state he is a ‘whiner’ or has lost a lot of his mystique from the motion pictures, as SEVERAL of the other evaluations have actually stated, it simply shows that he is human and also has actually remained in the video game enough time to know when to choose his battles. Tales of the Bounty Hunters Audiobook Free. As for the testimonials that state the personality has been decreased so much in this story that he is no longer interesting, or what I pointed out earlier, what do you anticipate of an individual that puts on shield 24/7 and spent a couple days being absorbed? Of course he’s gon na have a couple of complaints comparing himself to currently as well as the ‘great ole days’! Besides, any kind of cool factors Fett might have shed in this short-story is NOTHING compared to what George Lucas did to him as well as Jango during AotC (EP II) as well as Dave Filioni(?) did to him, Jango, and Mandalorians generally in the Duplicate Battles series! Although much of Fett’s history included in this story has actually been retconed by recent (and mainly dreadful) plot modifications if you’re a Boba Fett fan this book is a REQUIREMENT READ.

Payback: This was a surprisingly interesting and also enjoyable tale. I didn’t understand much about Dengar prior to, and what I did know wasn’t enough for me to respect the personality, now I assume he has much better characterization than the majority of the brand-new ‘innovator’ personalities as well as interesting sufficient that a complete book could be written about him. I agree with some who claimed the ending was a little “sappy” and a little rushed but on the whole the story had a better circulation than Boba Fett’s IMHO. Fett likewise makes a fairly-significant cameo right here however I felt he was a little bit worn-out in a tale about Dengar. There’s likewise an opposition concerning Fett right here where he shares a drink with Dengar, yet in his own short-story it is mentioned greater than once that he doesn’t consume. A little interaction of known characters is nice however it really did not seem like the five authors got together much on their work.

Of Possible Futures: As with the Dengar story, this story was a pleasant shock. I felt I was truly able to learn more about the personalities and also the plot wasn’t contrived, neither was the ending as absurd as other customers have actually mentioned. While I did thoroughly enjoy the story/plot of this short-story, I didn’t much take care of the composing design of writer M. Shayne Bell. His syntax as well as dialog were at times rather elementary, yet strangely hard to comply with. Additionally, I do not think the portrayal of droids in this tale, specifically 4-LOM naturally, was really probable; however, it does remain constant with much of SW. In general it was a well balanced story with a respectable circulation as well as story, yet not just as good as the various other two IMHO.

Therefore I Am: This certain tale had not been as poplular as the other 3 and also permanently reason; it’s just not extremely credible. Kevin J. Anderson – Tales of the Bounty Hunters Audio Book Online. Although I delight in KJS’s creating design, fairly truthfully I believe he needs to be ashamed of himself for also wanting to write a story concerning a droid. For one thing, what scientist in their right mind would make such an uncertain machine? Secondly, there is a HUGE difference between being sentient and also sensation emotion, a line that was neither drawn nor ought to IG-88 experience. Generally I don’t really feel androids are presented effectively in SW.