Greg Rucka – Journey to Star Wars Audiobook

Greg Rucka – Journey to Star Wars Audiobook (The Force Awakens Smuggler’s Run)

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Journey to Star Wars Audiobook

Smuggler’s Run is, as the subtitle states, a Han Solo and Chewbacca journey. It’s fun, it has activity, shoot outs, bounty hunters, pitiless Imperials, pet fights, narrow escapes, cantinas and vivid smugglers. If you were to envision what a Han Solo spin-off movie could be like, completion result would be rather near Smuggler’s Run. With Han handling a crazy mission from the Rebel Alliance after their close call at Yavin, he and Chewie end up mosting likely to Hutt Area to save a Rebel soldier. They encounter old buddies, dodge Imperials, and also manage identified fugitive hunter that wish to gather on Jabba’s benefit. The vigorous pace, solid prose as well as wonderful characterizations all collaborated for a captivating read.

As would certainly be fitting for any kind of Han Solo story, the book opens in a cantina. However here’s the enjoyable part: it’s set while duration of The Force Awakens. Journey to Star Wars Audiobook Free. Framing the story, the prologue and also epilogue gives visitors a glimpse of old Han– the seasoned spacer that’s been around the galaxy a time or 2 and has wisdom to spare, too some wonderful stories. Smuggler’s Run is one of the stories. As a visitor, this was an enjoyable method to dive in, and as part of the whole Trip to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I suched as the trick. It fit perfectly.

When the story proper kicks in, Rucka elevates the stakes another notch by telling things from Chewbacca’s viewpoint. Now the whole publication does not do this, but every once in a while, Chewie obtains his component, and completion result is that Chewbacca obtains a lot of focus in the story. He’s much more than some side character that obtains dragged in addition to Han or some challenge that has to be shuffled off to the side. Rather, he’s an important part of the experience. It’s been a long time because we’ve obtained some excellent use of Chewbacca in the literary world, as well as I truly appreciated what Rucka finished with him.

Contributing to the happiness of the story is how well Rucka captured Han’s voice. It’s not constantly easy to capture a character’s voice, but Smuggler’s Run pulls it off. Between his exchange with Leia, Chewbacca or the Imperials, fugitive hunter and also smugglers they fulfill, it constantly sounds like something Han would claim. Best of all, it’s not just a lot of thrown up dialog from the motion pictures. Somehow Rucka locates his own voice for Han which seems real to the personality but with completely brand-new dialog. Pair that with the outstanding use Chewbacca, and also you have actually got a winning combination.

As for the story, it’s quite a rescue objective that takes some wild turns. Han and Chewie volunteer to travel to a shabby world on the edges of Hutt Space called Cyrkon. They’re racing versus the Empire to be the initial to locate a Rebel agent called Ematt that knows all the potential bases and also hideouts for the Disobedience. Obviously things don’t go as intended. Han and also Chewie have to handle an ISB agent that’s pretty proficient at their job. On top of that, there’s a team of fugitive hunter (envisioned on the back of the book) who desire the bounty on Han’s head. So while Han is competing the Empire to find the Rebel, the bounty hunters as well as the Realm are also racing each other to get Han. The hunt turns into shoot outs and also close calls as Han as well as Chewie utilize every method they can think about to run away and also prosper. The entire point has a fantastic Star Wars vibe to it. It nails the personalities, throws in all kinds of enjoyable tidbits, and also is simply an enjoyable ride. Other than the story, Smuggler’s Run does a couple things that are really various from the typical Celebrity Wars publications we generally obtain. For beginners, the cover musician, Phil Noto, does a number of interior pictures showing scenes from guide. Like the cover, they’re mainly black and white with a few touches of red to add comparison. In overall there are 5 double page pictures. It’s a great bonus offer, and one I had not been expecting. Greg Rucka – Journey to Star Wars Audio Book Online. On top of that, the material the book itself it covered in– or made of– provides the hardbound a really wild, tactile feel. I’ve never ever felt a publication like this before. It’s almost rubbery. Things is, everytime you go to choose it up, it adds a new sensation to your analysis experience: your feeling of touch. So here you have this enjoyable story, this cool sensation book, and these amazing pictures all coming with you as well as contributing to your experience. I need to tip my hat to Disney Lucasfilm Press. This is an awesome publication.