Michael Reaves – Coruscant Nights II – Street of Shadows Audiobook

Michael Reaves – Coruscant Nights II – Street of Shadows Audiobook (Star Wars)

Michael Reaves - Coruscant Nights II - Street of Shadows Audio Book Download
Coruscant Nights II – Street of Shadows Audiobook

This was book 2 in the Coruscant Nights collection. Jedi Jax Pavan is still coming to terms with details about his dad, adjusting to I-5 and also his various other two buddies. Into this mix, a murder might and Vader’s look for him. We also have bounty hunter pressure sensitive Aurra Sing and also Captain Typho, previously of the Royal Residence of Naboo, and also 2 extremely various females that are rather fond of Jax. This is noir, Celebrity Wars design. It is interesting to see just how the strings link. On to publication 3, Patterns of Pressure. “You’re being hunted by the finest, Jax”
After reading the initial one, I realized I had no choice yet to read number two!
Jax Pavan, LaranthTarak, Den Dhur, as well as I-Five are back as well as this moment they have a murder to address. Coruscant Nights II – Street of Shadows Audiobook Free. Ves Volette, a Caamasi artist, has actually been killed! Was it his companion, the stunning Dejah Duare? Or another person? And can they resolve the crime before Aurra Sing locates and eliminates Jax?

I Liked:
This moment around, Michael Reaves composed his novel as a secret, which is sort of the advertising and marketing for this series of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. And he does an all right work with it (more later).
What truly stood apart to me, nevertheless, was the further deepness given to Laranth’s personality. She really obtains expanded, from being calm action lady, to a woman that is starting to establish sensations for Jax … feelings that, unfortunately for her, aren’t reciprocated (that makes me intend to put Jax ridiculous!!). I like exactly how Reaves didn’t overwrite her sensations, exactly how he maintained it subtle and fragile. Well done!
Also, obtained ta give Reaves a hand for creating two characters not seen much in Celebrity Wars books: Captain Typho and Aurra Sing! While I didn’t much like his personality, Typho interested see (as well as to see what happened to him!) and also his twist (his unrequited love for Padme) brought some interpretation to his personality. Aurra Sing was well done, a cold-blooded awesome, yet likewise half-crazed.
Lastly, Reaves understands how to finish off his novels with a bang! Not only do you get the secret concluded, yet let’s also include a righteous battle between our heroes and also Aurra Sing!

I Didn’t Like:
I simply didn’t appreciate this book as long as the initial one. I really did not like Dejah Duare, the best, sexy Zeltron woman (who is, obviously, always putting on nice, sexy garments that make the individuals eyes bulge) introduced in guide (gag me already). Jax was still a frustrating personality whom I wanted to toss across the area. Nobody claims what occurs to Nick Rostu. The enigma was really average as well as not really interesting in any way (though who did it makes a nod at the secret category sayings and also obtained me chuckling!). The pacing I really felt was instead treading. Individuals just appear to drift for web pages at a time, not really doing anything that appears all that important as well as simply saying the same points over and over (Typho’s quest for vengeance, exactly how Aurra will bring in Jax, locating the murderer of Ves, and so on). I recognize that 2nd novels/movies/whatever are an obstacle, however this one appeared particularly “droopy”.

Dialouge/Sexual Situations/Violence:
Celebrity Wars developed language if anything.
Dejah is, certainly, a beautiful, lovely, sexually appealing woman. This is pointed out regularly. Also, a few of the citizens of Coruscant’s underworld could be taken sexual.
Ves Volette is killed and also while it isn’t gory, he still does pass away. There are a few lightsaber battles, chase scenes … absolutely nothing that excellent total.

It’s really tough to rate this book for me. I didn’t hate it, however I felt that it did not have something, that last top quality that could have made it a certainty for me. Michael Reaves – Coruscant Nights II – Street of Shadows Audio Book Online. I certainly don’t consider this an awful publication; I adored the subtle modifications to Laranth and some conversation of droids and also their “sentience”. Yet there were other components, such as the weak secret, that truly make me second hunch my rating. So, after much reflection, I think it’s fair to price it 4.5 stars rounded down to 4.