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James Luceno – Millennium Falcon Audiobook (Star Wars)

James Luceno - Millennium Falcon Audio Book Stream
Millennium Falcon Audiobook

I just began checking out the Legends publications. Begun with Plagueis, now this. I took pleasure in the brand-new films, but I assume if they would have complied with tales plot they would certainly have been a lot much better, particularly when it concerned Han and Leia’s children. As for this book, fantastic story! I like the twists and turns it takes. I grabbed just how wonderful of a pilot Han actually remains in the story, and also exactly how CLOSE He and also Leia are, inseparable, not like the Force Awakens, which had them apart.Don’t want to provide too much away! Anyway, I am on to Darth Bane’s tale! Though it’s written, partly, to connect the Heritage of the Force as well as Destiny of the Jedi series, this book is fun in its very own right. The stakes are much less substantial than galaxy-changing events, yet the tale is still gripping and packed with adventure. Millennium Falcon Audiobook Free. Luceno deftly captures the roguish magic at the heart of the Han/Falcon mythology as he completes the spaces of the ship’s epic background, from the time it leaves the production line to the in-universe present. He does this by sprinkling the stories of previous proprietors within a larger structure story in which the Solos (as well as several mysterious newcomers) map the Falcon’s history. A couple of these vignettes drag, yet the majority of are great, and they’re a good method to add some variety and structural deepness.

Like I stated, however, this is clearly a bridge story. Luceno (quite cleverly) offers you a galactic background guide within the book, however the more familiar you are with prior EU/Legends jobs (even as far back as the Han Solo Adventures) the a lot more you’ll leave this novel. There are also a couple story threads left open which I can just presume the Fate of the Jedi collection settles. But if you like the Millennium Falcon as a ship and also are fine with the truth that this isn’t canon, you’ll possibly appreciate the novel no matter. Finally, we are informed the background of the popular Centuries Falcon, which is for the first time ever before the subject of a novel. It has actually been a long period of time coming, as well as James Luceno stays true to develop with this one.

What starts for the Solos as an enjoyable, lighthearted trip into the Falcon’s previous ends up being a pursuit to locate a treasure of the Old Republic of enormous well worth. At the same time, an old spacer bent on finishing his last goal as well as a fierce collector are surrounding the same target.

Altogether, this was absolutely composed with Indiana Jones in mind. Though there are just one or 2 aspects that pop out so coldly as belonging to Indy films as well as books, the similarities are there for those that are followers of both (though if you have actually never seen an Indy film you won’t be missing out on any one of the story). Also, the unique helps to link the events of the recently-completed “Heritage of the Force” unique series and the upcoming “Destiny of the Jedi” collection while managing to be an independent tale in its own right. James Luceno – Millennium Falcon Audio Book Online. I give five stars for this set and also am eagerly awaiting the next. Celebrity Wars has actually never ever been better. We have actually always would like to know exactly how the incredible ship “Millenium Falcon” was created – as well as currently the wait mores than! Murky pasts disclose an intriguing tale – with a fantastic backdrop where our preferred personalities are still taking care of the after-effects of Darth Caedus. Great for detail-oriented Celebrity Wars fans. After Vector Prime, I stopped buying them in objection yet Disney getting all 3 of the old celebrities back for the brand-new film has actually re-ignited my rate of interest regardless of the crazy over-grimness of the books after the Vong appeared.

The Falcon’s wild launch scene is amusing as well as I suched as to see inadequate Han and Leia with a grand-child and also a little enjoyable. (I wish bad Harrison Ford survives her in the new flick. He’s had bad luck on injuries with a few of the follows up we like a lot.) One of the only Star Wars novels in either cannon or legends I liked established after 26 ABY.
As a tribute to the Maltese Falcon this is rather smart but if the Maltese Falcon had actually never existed it would certainly still be an enjoyable read.
The characters are fresh and also well-developed, the activity is rather smooth (albeit mainly bloodless, which works well).
The tale behind the Millennium Falcon’s history is fantastic as well as deep. It would not be out of line to call this of the specifying Star Wars books. There aren’t lots of Celebrity Wars writers like James Luceno and also this is one I question I’ll ever before forget it. Tobb Jadak, Rej Taunt, Burglar Poste, Lester Oxic, and the rest of the personalities in this belong in Star Wars Cannon, as well as even if they never ever officially make it in they” ll always feel that they were.