A. C. Crispin – Rebel Dawn Audiobook

A. C. Crispin – The Han Solo Trilogy Audiobook (Rebel Dawn)

A. C. Crispin - Rebel Dawn Audio Book Download
Rebel Dawn (The Han Solo Trilogy) Audiobook

A. C. Crispin brings the Han Solo Trilogy to a remarkably entertaining verdict in Rebel Dawn. The many story strings she began in the very first two quantities are neatly sewn together. By the end, we have actually obtained a much deeper understanding of what inspires Han and exactly how he became the careful smuggler we satisfied in the Mos Eisley Cantina in A Brand-new Hope. Rebel Dawn – the Han Solo Trilogy Audiobook Free. Along with ending her own stories tidily, Crispin weaves in numerous entertaining components of the Expanded Universe from both various other books and also comic books.

Rebel Dawn obtains underway with the tale of just how Han won the Millennium Falcon from Lando. The two meet up accidentally in a sabacc event held on Cloud City (perfectly connected to The Empire Strikes Back). Han is overjoyed at his success as well as remarkably, this is not the occasion that caused the bad blood we see between Lando and also Han in the movies – that occurs in the book’s climax and had not been something Han can have conveniently prevented.

From Bespin the story carries on to a range of places much like the very first 2 books. One fascinating challenge Crispin encountered in this story, which actually takes Han all the way to his entryway in A New Hope, is she needed to work in the 3 vintage-era Han Solo books in some capacity, considering that their occasions would certainly need to occur somewhere in this part of the timeline. She chose to utilize brief intermissions to sum up Han’s absence from the main storyline as well as to evaluate his experiences in the Corporate Sector. These interludes are smart in that they do not create any significant redundancy between the Han Solo Trilogy and also the old Han Solo Adventures.

Many crucial elements of Han’s character that weren’t taken on in the first 2 publications make an appearance right here. From the installment of the Falcon’s smuggling areas to just how Han made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs to the scenarios bordering the notorious delivery of Jabba’s seasoning Han was required to dispose, Crispin leaves nearly no detail unblemished. I likewise took pleasure in the various cameos as well as EU linkups, such as Xizor and Guri’s appearances (together with a somewhat unnecessary “dash” of another Shadows of the Empire personality), the final connections to the Nar Shaddaa crowd we meet in Dark Realm, and the raid on the Imperial world of Toprawa to secure the Death Celebrity plans.

Rebel Dawn cruise ships to an exciting and gripping climax, in which crucial personalities we have not seen since The Heaven Entrapment return and also the final items all form for Episode IV. Crispin did an outstanding job with the Han Solo Trilogy, taking a precious personality and adding to his backstory in many unforgettable and intriguing ways. If you are a fan on Han Solo I very recommend this collection. This is the third book, so make certain you review the various other two very first. While it is not best it is fairly excellent. Great thing is likely Episode 7 Celebrity Wars film must not alter this history. Approved there is word of a stand alone Han Solo flick appearing, so this may come to be alternating background (tale continuity – fine it is Legend continuity, but I figure it is still “background” till new details opposes this) Hence this is why I still think fans of Han Solo ought to still choose this up. I think it is much better than the Brian Daley books (sorry), however what is great is it quickly reference those books in this publication as well as you a few of the side characters show up, so it is fun to re-see them. So conserve you cash, get these made use of and enjoy them. I wish the new connection does not transform this much as I am eagerly anticipating re-reading them in the future. My son gathers this collection as well as has just about each that appears. I enjoy going to his Amazon WishList to find which ones he hasn’t obtained yet. It makes buying for his birthday and Xmas and also various other vacations so simple. A. C. Crispin – Rebel Dawn Audio Book Online. These books are always outstanding PROBLEM. As Well As with my Amazon.com Prime subscription, I obtain them extremely quickly WITH the FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING on the ones delivered from Amazon. Even on the ones being shipped from people, I have never had an issue obtaining them in a timely way up until now. Thanks Amazon.com!